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Welcome to Make it Green!

Make it Green is a locally owned landscaping service company in Mobile, AL. We provide quiet, eco-friendly electric lawn care and maintenance for your residential home in the Mobile Alabama area. We are also able to complement your living spaces with other lawncare and hardscaping needs.


Our purpose is simple: maintain your outdoor living space, make your lawn green and make sure our services are done in the 'greenest' way possible. 

Our clients (and their neighbors) love the fact that our equipment is super quiet! We also use battery-powered trimmers, edgers, and blowers to complete the quiet, eco-friendly mowing service. We’ve been told by many clients that they didn’t even know we were there until we knocked on the door, or rang the doorbell to let them know we were done.


We want to share this with you and make our Mobile-area neighborhoods even more beautiful!

Ready to get started? Contact us for a free estimate today!

Our Services

Our Story

Make it Green was established because of a simple request from our son.


While looking at photos of our dog in our yard that were taken before he was born, my son said:

"Ohhhh! I want to have green grass like that".

At the time, our yard was not anywhere close to what it used to be. We had weeds everywhere, brown spots, bare spots, and overgrown areas. So, as probably any father would do, I set out on making his request a reality. I researched all the best fertilizer to use, how to safely reduce weeds, how to aerate and level our lawn. And off I went on my first of many trips to the local landscaping supply store to get sod, seed, fertilizer, rakes, and other necessary items.

For the next several days and weekends, I was determined to get our grass back to where it used to be. I meticulously watered the new areas of sod and freshly seeded areas. I measured and carefully spread the different types of fertilizer. We blocked off the areas to make sure our dog didn't get on it. Slowly but surely our grass started looking great! All those days of neglecting our lawn were now a thing of the past. After several weeks of hard work and determination, the work had finally paid off - our grass looked beautiful and green.


And then it hit me - I want to keep doing this, but I only have one lawn.


In that moment, the idea of Make it Green was born.

We are excited to bring our passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces to the Mobile community. 


Contact us today to see how we can enhance your outdoor living space and help you Make it Green again!

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